2017 Film Watch

Saw “The Hateful Eight” the other day through the amazing wonders of finally getting cable installed at home.

It was…it was okay. It wasn’t quite up there in my favorites for Tarantino films but it certainly was beautifully shot. Holy cow some of the frames were just stunning!


It’s Been a Struggle…

I’ve struggled with wanting to write lately. I’ve lost that fire I had at the beginning of the year as life’s bullshit just wants to keep piling on.

T—p exhausts me. Republicans exhaust me. Discovering someone close to me “supports” T—p exhausted me beyond comprehension. Starting to get the wedding planning in full swing is exhausting me as I start to realize the cost of it all. School is boring and exhausting. Work is absolutely starting to work on my every last nerve.

I’m exhausted.

I can’t let that deter me.

I can’t let the same things every year hold me back.

I’m better than these things. I’m stronger than these things. I’m smarter and more creative than these things.

I need to give myself another kickstart and get going with this script.

So, here we go, another month to get it right!