New Script Started…


I usually HATE writing outlines. I hate them with a passion. I hate them like I hate blankets for our blankets (duvets, I guess is what they’re supposed to be called). I hate them like I hate wasting a glass to pour one drink from a glass (okay, soda can) into another glass. I don’t like writing before I’m writing. But, I guess it’s a necessary evil and it actually has proven to be useful in the past for me.

There’s a lot of writers out there that can’t stand any kind of “book” on writing. They turn their noses up at what the book may have to offer. I’m not saying I love everything a “guru” may have to offer… but if they’ve produced/sold a script then I’m thinking maybe they may have something to offer to help me grow as a writer.

I LOVE Blake Snyder’s (rest in peace, sir) “Save the Cat” and more importantly I love his “beat sheet.” Let me tell you what… a beat sheet is almost like a cheat sheet for outlining. It’s very basic. It allows a writer to get the main ideas, the solid chunks of meat of the story, out into the open. So that’s where I begin my journey after that quick and short free write.

I’m wondering if any of my followers have a system in place to foster success in completing a piece of writing… what’s your go to tool to get the job done?